Two Strangers

"Coffee please, black," Jo said sitting down on a bar stool. The waitress nodded walking away from her. Jo glanced around the small, yet always familiar diner. It was all but empty except for a few less than pleasant patrons scattered and a kid a bar stool down from her.

She unzipped her leather jacket and hung it on the back of her chair. She took down her blonde ponytail, shaking her curls for a moment as the waitress set the coffee down. She thanked the woman before taking a sip.

It tasted good, just what she’d needed after a day of driving. She pulled out her dad’s journal which was starting to become her journal as well and flipped through it aimlessly needing a break from the road.

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    Jo raised her eyebrows, a little surprised that she was right on the money with him. He was actually smart despite...
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    Adam smiled slightly at her response, nodding his head. He wasn’t one to pry, even if he was on a job. Prying just led...